Sailcloth marquee hire marquees are beautiful, translucent tents made out of a similar cloth to that which is used to make yachting spinnakers. The sailcloth marquee hire tents actually glow at night. With some additional lighting options you can create beautiful scenes on the surface of the tent that can be seen for miles. They are brilliant and unbelievably beautiful. The fabric also stretches so the shape of the tent is beautiful. You can add clear walls to your sailcloth marquee hire tent to keep the elements at bay.

Our tents will be arriving in the middle of the year and so will be available IN THE SECOND HALF OF 2017. They are being imported from the US from one of the world’s leading sailcloth tent manufacturers. In fact we chose this firm because of the number of referrals we received from major wedding and event hire companies across the US.

The marquees will easily seat up to 120 people and still leave room for a dance floor and bar. Because of the way they are constructed we can also cater for smaller gatherings.

If you are looking to make a real statement with your choice of marquee then you should really consider a sailcloth marquee hire.