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Pavilion Marquee Hire



Overview of Pavilion Marquees
Engineered to withstand wind strengths of up to 90km/hr pavilion marquees are aluminium framed with white or clear canvas, available in a large range of sizes. We have marquees for hire that can be up to 69m long. So ask us what size will most suit your event.


Are there any internal poles?

Can they be used on concrete?
Yes, with concrete weighting.

Can it be floored?
Yes, there are a couple of options for flooring in your pavilion marquee for hire.

How do I heat a marquee?
We have heaters which can be used to pre-warm the pavilion marquee, we find that once all guests are inside it is rare to need additional warmth, especially on the Coast.

How do I cool a marquee?
Air conditioning can be installed inside the marquee.

Can we put it up ourselves?
No, our staff are trained to ensure that the marquee is installed meeting all regulations.

Are they waterproof?
Yes, our pavilion marquees are waterproof making them a perfect choice for to hire to ensure your party or event stays dry

Can I have clear or window walls?
We offer clear, windowed or plain white walls for our marquees for hire.  The choice of walls available will depend on which style of structure marquee for hire you have chosen.

Can I have silk lining and fairy lights?
Yes you can install silk lining or fairy or festoon lights in your pavilion marquee for hire

How do I measure my site to see if it will fit?
Always leave a metre the whole way around the perimeter. Be aware of overhanging branches. If you think it’s going to be tight we will do a site inspection.

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Examples of Pavilion Marquees