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Understanding Pricing

A note about product pricing

When you are hiring equipment for weddings, parties or corporate events it is important to understand what is included in the pricing of the item.

Unlike when you purchase an item outright, with hire items there are ongoing costs associated with the products.  Every item that is hired needs to be cleaned after the hire.  In many cases they are then wrapped, packed and stored. All of this work is done by someone earning a wage.  We incorporate these cleaning costs into the hire price.

For example:

Every time a plate or glass or cutlery item is hired out it is required to be washed, dried and stored by us upon its return – whether or not it has been used by you.  This is despite the fact that you will have washed the product before returning it to us or may have not even used it.  Health and safety requirements mean that we need to wash and dry every item again to be sure they are properly clean and ready for the next customer.

Every time a chair is hired and returned our team need to wash down and dry each individual chair.  Similarly with tables.

Marquee wall panels are washed down and hung to dry after each hire.  This work is all done manually

A note about delivery charges

All orders that require delivery will be charged a delivery fee.  We often have customers query delivery fees so we thought it best if we explain it on the website so you are aware of how they are calculated.

The delivery fee is made up of two key components – the delivery costs and the costs of picking and packing your order both for despatch from our warehouse and for return to our warehouse.  The two key drivers of the delivery fee are the distance the trucks are required to travel and the cost of the labour involved it takes to make the delivery.  Each of our deliveries will typically be made by a truck.  This truck is being driven by a driver and often another team member – all eating wages for the time worked.  So e incorporate our labour cost into the delivery fee.  As you can understand it costs money to keep a truck on the road making deliveries.  The Australian Tax Office suggests that the costs of running an ordinary car with a 2.6L motor is $0.77 per kilometre.    Obviously running a 4L truck costs significantly more than this amount.  This cost includes fuel, registration, depreciation/wear and tear, insurance, servicing, repairs etc.

So we calculate the distance we will be required to travel, the travel time and the packing and unpacking time.  The combination of these factors makes up the delivery fee.