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Community Sponsorship

Event Sponsorship and Donations

At Perry’s we are keen to support our local community. We have been a part of the Sunshine Coast for over 30 years and we all live and work on the Sunshine Coast.

We have established a sponsorship program to support local Sunshine Coast community groups, charities and fund-raisers. As is the case with most businesses in our industry sponsorship and donations are made ‘in kind’ based on our published prices (subject to availability) up to 50% of the total hire cost. We are unable to make cash donations.

We assess sponsorship proposals on the basis of creating a ‘win-win’ outcome whereby both parties benefit. For this reason we do require that sponsorship partners provide an equivalent value to Perry’s as part of the sponsorship arrangement. This may be in the form of marketing to your customer, member or community group base. It may be in the form f promotion in event publications, at events or in other ways. We are open to discussing how we can both benefit from a sponsorship arrangement.

Due of the large number of requests we receive sometimes we will be unable to help. We also have a policy of not negotiating on sponsorships once the grant has been made so please ensure you contact us well ahead of the event.

Our sponsorship funding is set for 4 month periods. This allows us to respond promptly to requests.

To be considered for sponsorship you need to complete our Sponsorship Application Form and return it to Perry’s Sunshine Coast Event Hire. Just like you, we are busy so we really appreciate clear, concise proposals. We will notify successful applicants in writing and they will be required to sign an agreement confirming acceptance. Thereafter our normal trading terms and conditions will apply.

As part of our marketing program we monitor all events that we sponsor, so our team will monitor events relating to your sponsorship. We do this to ensure we provide high quality goods and services to you, and also to monitor the implementation of our agreement. Please note that any application for sponsorship that does not meet the above criteria may not be considered.

Requests for sponsorship are considered as follows:

Event with a sponsorship value of under $500.00

You are required to submit completed form to our office prior to close of business on the dates specified. No late applications will be considered. The dates listed below refer to the period in which your event commences date. Applications for Sponsorship can be forwarded to Perry’s Sunshine Coast Event Hire at any time throughout the year. The further ahead you apply the more time we will have to discuss possible sponsorship arrangements.

  • Event Date: January to April
  • Last date for Submission:  September 1oth (prior year)
  • Decision:       September 20th
  • Event Date: May to August
  • Last date for Submission: February 10th
  • Decision: February 20th
  • Event Date: September to December
  • Last Date for Submission: May 10th
  • Decision: May 20th

Event with sponsorship value greater than $500.00

Commercial event sponsorship will be considered on a case-by-case basis. We are looking for effective ways to benefit your event whilst supporting and enhancing our business. Please contact Perry’s Sunshine Coast Event Hire to arrange an appointment. In some cases, on-going large event sponsorship may reduce funds available for other programs or even preclude additional sponsorship for a period.


Do you need a barbeque for your school working bee or a coffee urn for your monthly meetings? At Perry’s Hire, we like lending a hand to our local community groups as a neighbourly gesture. With requests such as these, which are usually under a retail value of $100.00, we like to help where we can.  All we ask is that you provide your own transport, return the items promptly and in the same clean condition in which you received them. Please understand that sometimes the demand for our equipment is so high we may not able to help, so make sure you contact us well ahead of the event.


To apply please send an email to gillian@perryshire.com.au explaining your event is, why you are running it, what you are looking for from us and what you can offer us in return