LED Furniture Hire

Awesome glowing LED furniture for hire. 16 colours. Remote controlled. LED furniture for hire allows you to add some glow to your next party or event. We have a wide range of LED furniture for hire including LED bars for hire, LED cubes for hire, LED spheres or balls for hire, LED coffee tables for hire, LED curved benches for hire, LED dry upright bars for hire, LED floating pool balls for hire, LED stools for hire, tall LED bar stools for hire, LED columns in both round and square for hire and LED ice buckets.

All of this LED furniture glows in your choice of 16 colours. You control it using a very simple colour coded remote control. You can synchronise all the items to be the same colour, you can mix and match colours on your LED furniture for hire or you can have them cycle through all the colours automatically. Extremely affordable and very easy to use – LED furniture for hire is a great way to add some glow to your next party or event.